7 Tips To Get That Hourglass Figure Like Kelly Brook



1. Keyword is “Push them up”

There’s no shortage of sex appeal when Kelly Brooks is around, and one of her hottest tips when it comes to underwear – “push them up”. Forget minimizer bras, embrace the curves and “push them up”.

That’s what Kelly does.

2. She Sleeps In…

What does she sleep in?

Well, forget the fleecy PJs; Kelly Brooks prefers to sleep wearing nothing more than a splash of her favorite fragrance, which just happens to be her own fragrance of course. I wonder how she manages to keep warm in the winter.

3. The Secret Of  The Hourglass Figure

How about keeping trim and maintaining that fabulous hourglass figure? What’s the secret?

It’s surprisingly simple actually – lots of walking, steam room visits and plenty of sex!

4. Diets Are a Thing Of a Past

Being thin is not necessary in order to be beautiful – that’s what Kelly Brooks says. She doesn’t starve herself, she embraces her wonderful curves and puts lots of her sex appeal being with somebody who makes her feel like the only girl in the world.

5. Firmly On the Ground

Her family is incredibly unimpressed with her showbiz lifestyle, which helps to keep her feet firmly on the ground. Name dropping of the rich and famous is guaranteed to be greeted with “whatever”.

6. Steer Clear Of  Junk Food

Kelly Brooks doesn’t bother watching what she eats. She eats whatever she likes whilst maintaining an active lifestyle… that’s how she does it. Having said that, she does steer clear of junk food so don’t get too carried away, just plenty of steaks and roast chicken.

Sounds like my sort of diet.

7. Velcro Rollers

How about that voluminous, bouncing hair? It’s all thanks to Velcro rollers; nothing fancy, nothing new – most people have some lurking in the back of the cupboard.

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