7 British Comedians That Laughed Their Way To Hollywood Stardom



The time honored tradition of British comedians flying overseas to pursue acting careers has long been established.

Let’s take a look at the top seven comedians to make waves in the good old US of A.

1. Russell Brand

The quirky comedian made the successful move over to Hollywood, starring in movies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Despicable Me.

Although his trademark intelligent babble is often misunderstood by those who are not British, Russell’s extreme personality and good looks have won him a place on the big screen.

2. Lee Evans

Possibly one of the most successful comedians to break Hollywood, crazy comic Lee Evans really knows how to put on a show when it comes to acting.

The funny man is known for his fast-paced yet quintessentially British acting style.

3. Eddie Izzard

The famous, high-heel wearing comedian of the 80’s, Eddie Izzard has become quite the Hollywood household name over the past twelve years.

Dropping his mascara but maintaining his humor, Eddie has enjoyed success in numerous Hollywood films, with some decent dramatic roles in the mix.

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