6 Ways Victoria Beckham Has Changed The World



Since her early twenties, Victoria Beckham – or Adams as she was originally known – has been a household name in the UK. Of course, we all knew her as Posh Spice, the rather snobby looking one from the super-group Spice Girls.

However, over the years Posh has gone on to make her mark on a global scale and in her own right as Victoria rather than as Posh.

1. The Spice Girls

One of the things Victoria will always be remembered for is her “role” as Posh Spice in one of the most successful girl groups ever, Spice Girls. Many said that she was the one member of the group that couldn’t actually sing, but the group definitely wouldn’t have been the same without her.

2. Solo career

Victoria will also be remembered for her attempts at launching a solo career, which weren’t particularly successful and brought plenty of criticism her way. However, she did do pretty well in the charts when she teamed up with Dane Bowers and released “Out of Your Mind”.

3. Her marriage

Victoria will be also be remembered as becoming one of the original WAGs after getting hitched to football superstar David Beckham, forming the team that will forever be known as “Posh and Becks”.

4. Her figure

There has been a lot of controversy over the years in relation to Victoria’s figure, as there have been times when she’s looked not just skinny but downright skeletal. Unfortunately, her stick thin figure is something many girls aspired to which created a lot of debate in the past.

5. Her dress sense

One of the things that Victoria has always done well is fashion. She’s become something of a fashion icon over the years, with all eyes on her outfits when she attends events and premieres.

6. Her designs

As a fashionista it came as no surprise when Victoria decided to go into the fashion industry with her own designs. She’s now become known as a pretty good designer, which is something many feel may have been her forte all along.

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