6 Transformations Of Gary Barlow



Gary Barlow has become entertainment royalty in the UK in recent years, and while he‘s been famous for around two decades now, it’s only in the past few years that he’s really come into his own. He used to be known as the “fat one from Take That” although it was always pretty clear that he was the main talent in the group.
These days, however, Gary Barlow has transformed himself into an impressive figure that’s loved by women, envied by men and respected by the music and movie industry alike.

1. Boy band success

Gary has been an integral part of the phenomenon that is Take That since the early 90’s. However since his transformation, return to the public eye and reformation of his band, his success and respect for his talent has rocketed.

2. His appearance

Many people used to see GB as the chubby one from the band, and this sometimes overshadowed his talent. However he’s now slim and distinguished, and has become one of the hottest men in Britain.

3. His X-Factor role

Gary has managed to capture a whole new audience since taking over as what many see as the head judge on X-Factor. He not only knows what he’s talking about, but he also comes out with some very Simon Cowell-esque comments, which has given him a bit of an edge.

4. His charity work

Barlow has been heavily involved in fundraising charities by organising concerts and events to raise huge amounts of cash for good causes.

5. His fashion sense

Many people will remember the Gary of the 90’s sporting some shocking outfits. However, he’s now developed a fabulous fashion sense and always looks stylish and smart with impeccable taste.

6. His family life

The new Gary Barlow has no qualms about letting people know how much of a family man he is. He captured the hearts of the nation after he revealed that he and his wife had lost their baby in 2012.

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