6 Tips To Stay Immortal Like Mick Jagger



The Rolling Stones have just announced a new tour – he’s 70 years old for goodness sake!

Most men of his age are content to sit by the fireside in their slippers watching Pointless.

So what’s the secret?

1. Be A Health Freak

He might have made a fortune singing about “sex, drugs and rock n roll”… or was it “sex, drugs and sausage rolls”? Either way, Mick Jagger has always been a bit of a health freak on the quiet. He swears by ballet lessons, yoga and Pilates… who’d have thought it?

2. Early To Bed And Early To Rise

Does that sound like a rock superstar to you? However, Mick Jagger’s idea of an early night is apparently 2 AM – surely that’s early morning? Anyhow, he apparently aims to be up by 10 AM in the morning before a gig.

3. Be Nice And Kind

He’s a nice guy. Well, he must be. Let’s look at the evidence! He’s not fazed about getting together with ex-wives, present girlfriends or future girlfriends! How many men can say that?

He’s got six children, two ex-wives and a host of ex-girlfriends, and whilst I’m not suggesting that there haven’t been some tough times as various wives and girlfriends have overlapped, somewhat it seems that all’s well that ends well.

4. A Shark, If It Stops Moving, Dies

Amazingly, during a typical show, Mick “The Ultimate Showman” Jagger covers around 12 miles while he struts, walks, dances and jumps around on stage.

5. Sex Is Kicking Death In The Ass While Singing

It’s been estimated that Mick Jagger has bedded around 4,000 women! Although he seems to have settled down with his now long-time girlfriend L’Wren Scott.

What do you mean “we’ve heard it all before”? He’s 70 years old!

6. Stay Thin, Stay Slim

He doesn’t have too much weight to throw about – he only weighs around 10 stone and has a miniscule 28 inch waist.

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