6 Things You Always Wanted To Know About Harry Styles



Over the past few years, Harry Styles has shot to fame both in the UK and around the world as part of the global phenomenon that is One Direction. The five British lads have captured the hearts of teen girls the world over and nobody more so than cheeky Harry.

Considered the front man of the manufactured group, Harry has proven himself to be a fascinating as well as a talented lad. Here are some enthralling facts about this young superstar:

1. Chick-flick fan

It seems that Harry may be something of a fan of chick flicks, rom-coms and romantic movies as his favourite films include Love Actually and Titanic.

2. Former musical experience

We all saw Harry for the first time when he auditioned for the 2010 series of X-Factor. However, this wasn’t his first taste of the entertainment industry as he was formerly the lead singer of the rock and roll band White Eskimo.

3. Pet hates

It might not sound particularly “rock and roll”, but two things that Harry had admitted to hating are swearing and smoking – so all those teenage fans need to be on their best behaviour to impress this star.

4. Career aspirations

Most of us couldn’t imagine Harry doing anything else other than being in a band. However, he’s revealed that if he hadn’t become part of One Direction, he was toying with the idea of being a physiotherapist. No doubt there would have been a lot of females turning up with “injuries” if he’d taken this career path!

5. Girl traits

All the skinny girls out there might want to start putting on a few pounds to impress Harry, as according to reports he likes his ladies to be curvy. He also likes girls that smile a lot but doesn’t like to hear girls call themselves ugly. So, you need to be confident, curvy and happy to impress this lad.

6. Favourite date

As a rock star, you might think that Harry’s idea of the perfect date would be something wild and controversial. However, his perfect date is apparently dinner and a movie.

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