6 “Talents” Which Helped Katie Price to Succeed



Katie Price is a woman of many, if rather dubious, talents. Love her or hate her, she’s worth an estimated £45 million.

So what has Katie Price got that we haven’t?

1. Model

Katie Price (aka Jordan, as she was originally known) literally burst onto the scene on page 3 of The Sun – making the most of her valuable, surgically enhanced assets.

Her modeling career had actually started much earlier when she was a child, however the valuable exposure in The Sun shot her to instant fame and allowed her to turn her attention to a variety of other industries.

2. Host – TV Show

Televisions beckoned and after cameo appearances in shows like Footballers’ Wives and Dream Team, Katie went on to make a whole host of reality TV shows – far too many to count actually.

Let’s not forget her appearance in I’m a Celebrity where she met her first husband Peter Andre. They went on to make many reality TV shows together… and then apart!

3. Book Writer

Writing came as somewhat a surprise for many people – is there no end to the talents of Katie Price?

She’s got a series of autobiographies out and a number of bestselling novels. The first one, Angel, was published in 2006 and the second, Crystal, just a year later. The books were written, unsurprisingly, with more than a little help from a ghost-writer, so just how much writing talent Katie actually has is still under negotiation.

4. Singer

Katie Price has always fancied herself a singer – you can’t argue with her determination even if her singing voice is a little under par. She even competed in the selection to represent the UK in the Eurovision in 2005 wearing a pink, skin-tight cat suit – she certainly likes to be noticed.

5. Beauty and Fashion

Katie Price has dabbled in the fashion and beauty industry releasing many make-up ranges, perfumes, clothing, hair care and more.

6. Money Machine

One talent which you can never argue with about Katie Price are her business skills and her ability to make money out of many different situations. She simply refuses to be ignored.

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