6 Steps That Helped Simon Cowell Make Millions



1. Mail Room at EMI Music Publishing

Simon Cowell may appear to have made his millions from very humble beginnings, but he was definitely in the right starting place. His father Eric Cowell was one of the executives at EMI Music Publishing and got him a job there in the mail room.

Okay. So the mail room may not be quite the same as the board room, but it certainly helped him get a foot in the door and mix with the right people.

2. Pop & American Idol Show

One of Simon’s first forays into the talent show world was as a judge on Pop Idol in 2001 in the UK, and quickly followed by a similar role in American Idol in 2002.

3. SYCO Production at X Factor UK in 2004

Simon Cowell and his production company Syco were responsible for the birth of X Factor UK in 2004 – the show becoming an instant success and being formulated across the world.

4. SYCO Gained Big Talents

Apart from his production company Syco cashing in on the proceeds of this phenomenon, he also signs the winning (and sometimes not winning) artists from X Factor. His coffers have certainly been increased across the years by such talents as Leona Lewis, Olly Murs, Cher Lloyd, Little Mix, JLS, James Arthur and, of course, the fabulous One Direction.

Unmistakably the biggest act that X Factor has ever discovered (or, in their case put together) which prompt hysteria everywhere in the world not seen since the Beatles.

5. Dubious Talents of Zig & Zag, Robson and Jerome

Simon Cowell hasn’t always got it right. He was almost bankrupt and forced to return to the parental home in 1989 when his first foray into the music industry went decidedly pear-shaped. He made his comeback thanks to the dubious talents of Zig & Zag, Robson and Jerome and more.

This taught Simon a very valuable lesson – novelty acts can make money in the same way that talented, credible artists can.

6. Britain’s Got Talent

Following hot on the heels of the success of the X Factor, Simon Cowell turned his attentions to another type of talent show and Britain’s Got Talent was born with the likes of Susan Boyle, adding their bit to the Cowell bank balance. This franchise has gone on to earn Simon Cowell $80, $90, $90 and $95 million in each successive year.

That’s the way you do it!

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