6 Reasons Why Sam Bailey Deserves To Be A Next Superstar



The winner of the tenth season of X-Factor in Britain, Sam Bailey managed to capture the hearts of the nation. The ex-prison officer in her mid-thirties may have seemed an unlikely winner at first, but as she belted out one song after another, people quickly realised that she could become the Celine Dion of the UK.

She’s gone from holding Jam Tart Wednesdays at home with her kids to preparing to go on tour with none other than Beyoncé. So, just how did Sam become so popular amongst the British viewing public?

1. Unassuming

One thing we all noticed about Sam was that she was very unassuming. From the second she stepped into the audition room with absolutely no makeup on and looking like a mum who was juggling family and work, everyone could tell that she had no idea just how good she was.

2. Down to earth

Sam Bailey is probably one of the most down to earth contestants on the show. A hardworking mother, she’s always remained true to herself and her grounded attitude came across on every show.

3. Her journey

For many people, it was following Sam on her rollercoaster journey from auditions to winning the whole show that endeared this middle-aged mum to them.

4. Her home life

Sam let the whole country into her home life, and we could all see her devotion and love for her family. The fact that she was so committed to her kids and husband enabled millions of viewers to relate to her.

5. Her transformation

Many of us loved watching Sam flourish as she went through a transformation from a shy, overweight prison officer into a confident, slim superstar.

6. Her talent

Of course, one of the key things that’s helped Sam to secure a place in our hearts is her huge talent. She was described as everything from the most consistent contestant on the show to a world-class act, with a talent that outshone the others week after week

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