6 Of Our Favourite Guy Ritchie Movies



While he may have first become a household name because he married pop queen Madonna, Guy Ritchie is now known in the UK, the US and beyond in his own right thanks to his talents as a movie director.

This talented Brit has introduced us to a diverse variety of films, many of which combine grit, edginess, comedy and violence. When you watch a Guy Ritchie production, one thing you can be certain of is that you’ll be in for a unique experience with plots, storylines and direction that’s designed to keep you glued to the screen.

1. Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels

This is one of Ritchie’s best known and most loved movies, and enabled us to immerse ourselves in a crime thriller with a comedic twist. Gangsters, loan sharks, violence, drugs, guns and money are just a few of the elements of this movie that kept us watching – along with an outstanding performance from Vinnie Jones, of course.

2. Snatch

Another epic production that combines violence and comedy, this was another big hit for Ritchie, with excellent performances from stars such as Brad Pitt, Jason Statham and Edward Norton.

3. Revolver

Packed with plenty of Ritchie’s signature storylines, Revolver kept us glued to our screens as we watched the revenge plots, dramas and storylines unfold. This was another movie with big stars playing the lead roles in the form of Jason Statham and Ray Liotta.

4. RocknRolla

In typical Guy Ritchie fashion, this was another movie filled with tough guys, plots, crime and action, making it another hit for the army of Ritchie fans keen to see some more on-screen action.

5. Sherlock Holmes

In a change from his usual tough guy movies, Ritchie also directed the hugely popular Sherlock Holmes, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. This 2009 blockbuster received some great reviews and showed off Ritchie’s versatility.

6. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

On the back of the success of the original, Ritchie also directed this second instalment of Sherlock Holmes. This was another runaway success that received great reviews and ratings.

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