6 Most Embarrassing Kerry Katona Moments



Kerry Katona shot to fame as part of the successful all-girl group Atomic Kitten in the late 90’s, and since then has been on a rollercoaster ride filled with ups and downs.
She married boy band member Brian McFadden from Westlife, but after their split everything seemed to go downhill for the young mother. Kerry has certainly made her mark over the years, often for all the wrong reasons.

1. This morning interview

Nobody who watched it will forget that infamous interview on This Morning where Kerry turned up a little worse for wear. As she slurred her way through the interview, the press had a field day, although Kerry later insisted she wasn’t drunk and it was prescription medication that had affected her speech.

2. Her bankruptcy

After making huge amounts of money in her early career, Kerry ended up bankrupt and in debt. While many people do find themselves in this situation, most have not been privy to the kind of wealth that Kerry had – and lost.

3. Her payday loan advertisement

Kerry came under fire again recently after becoming the face of a payday lender on its television adverts. Many couldn’t believe that she was encouraging young women to get into debt given the fact that she herself had been through massive debt problems.

4. Sacked by Iceland

At one point Kerry was the face of frozen food retail giant, Iceland. However, the retailer decided to let her go and cancelled her contract after photos of her allegedly taking cocaine appeared in the tabloids.

5. Police investigation

Kerry hit the headlines again in 2009 after claims that she was being investigated by police due to allegations that she had assaulted her accountant. The charges were eventually dropped but the incident did nothing to improve Kerry’s controversial reputation.

6. Repossession

In 2009 the headlines were filled with stories about Kerry having received a repossession order on her home, worth £1.5 million. According to reports, she hadn’t paid her mortgage on the property for months.

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