6 Greatest Only Fools And Horses Moments



Only Fools and Horses, a British sitcom created by John Sullivan, is often titled as the best comedy TV series of all times.

The ups and downs of the Trotter family were closely followed by millions of viewers throughout the seven seasons.

Just recently, it’s been announced that the popular sitcom is about to get its sequel, but also that David Beckham will make a guest appearance. In the meantime, while we wait, let’s recall some of the greatest moments of the legendary sitcom.

1. David Jason’s Falling Through The Bar

The iconic fall of Del Boy through the bar has been voted as the Best Moment in British History. What’s even more interesting is that the best moment in British history was David Jason’s improvisation.

The director had some extra minutes for the iconic episode “Yuppy Love” so he called Roger Lloyd-Pack to randomly try a new scene with Jason. The rest was history.

2. The Chandelier

Probably the second most iconic moment of the series is the scene with a chandelier in the home of Lady Ridgemere.

David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst tried their chandelier-cleaning services that ended with them destroying the priceless chandelier. However, David and Nicholas had only one shot for the scene since the chandelier was extremely expensive even though it was a fake.

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