6 Graham Norton Most Outrageous Interviews



When it comes to a television presenter with a difference, Graham Norton is the epitome of unique. As a presenter, he’s had both his guests and his audiences in stitches with his distinctive sense of humour and daring approach to…well, pretty much everything.

We have seen Graham interview a huge variety of guests over the years, from singers and television personalities through to huge Hollywood superstars. In addition to his presenting work and acting, Norton is also known for just being plain outrageous.

1. The Russell Brand sex line

When Graham had comedian and actor Russell Brand on the show, he talked him into phoning a sex line live on the show in front of the audience, where he had the audience in stitches with the banter he was exchanging with the woman on the other end of the line.

2. The fart machine in the women’s loos

Using remote speakers and hidden cameras, Norton made unsuspecting women believe that there was a woman with a “tummy upset” in one of the cubicles, with a range of unsavoury noises coupled with commentary coming from the cubicle courtesy of the speaker. A two way mirror was also used to capture women’s reactions as they heard the noises.

3. Dressing up as Britney

Graham caused uproar when he took to the stage in a blonde wig complete with pigtails to recreate Britney’s dance to “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. This was just before Britney walked on stage as she was a guest on his show that evening.

4. The fish call

After finding out that Minnesota has a law stating that men cannot have intercourse with a live fish, Norton called Minnesota police to report that he may have broken this law…

5. Warning over lesbian comments

Graham Norton was reprimanded a few years ago after he showed a drawing of a woman and said that it was either a lesbian or someone who had been given a really bad haircut.

6. Made Daniel Radcliffe sing the periodic table

Daniel Radcliffe may have wished he’d brought his invisibility cloak when Norton made him sing the periodic table of elements while he was being interviewed on the famous sofa.

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