6 Facts You May Not Know About Colin Firth



Millions of men want to be like him…millions of women want to be with him. Over the past decade, British actor Colin Firth has endeared himself to people of both genders across the globe with a string of memorable performances in movies that have become huge hits on both sides of the pond.

Colin is known to be a charming and charismatic man, which is often reflected in the roles he plays. But just how well do you know the real Colin Firth?

1. First Acting Role

Colin Firth developed his taste for acting when he was at infant school. This is where he secured his first starring role – playing the character Jack Frost in the infant school pantomime!

2. School Clown

The modern day Firth loves to tell stories to viewers through his acting talents on screen. However, as a child he also loved to tell stories to his classmates and at recess would get on a soapbox to tell his stories to enthralled peers.

3. His Kinkiness

According to reports, Colin Firth has openly admitted that he has a thing for spandex and mascara!

4. Behind-the-Scene Revelations

During the filming of The King’s Speech, Firth claims that even in between and after filming he couldn’t get rid of the stutter, even though he wasn’t trying to stay in character.

5. A Real Shop-Keeper

Firth owns an eco friendly store in London called Eco Age. The shop focuses on the sale of sustainable and environmentally friendly commodities and was opened back in 2007.

6. His Secret Crush

At the age of just ten, Colin Firth had a celebrity crush on actress Doris Day. He described her as looking wholesome after seeing her in the movie By the Light of the Silvery Moon.

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