23 Ugliest British Celebrities



Here is a list of the least physically appealing Brits. We are not trying to be insulting here, it’s just that we enjoy reading these lists.

Many of these people are out-of-this-world charming, but their looks are not quite Hollywood. They are still famous and probably richer than we are, but in these times, being beautiful is an imperative. But, they may be here to prove us wrong.

Even though they were not lucky enough to be beautiful, they are still talented, accomplished and known worldwide. And we love hating celebrities. And what have you, beautiful, done in your life?

1. Wayne Rooney

Do you know that there was a discussion, international one, where people were saying that he is too ugly to be transferred to Real Madrid?

It’s harsh, especially because he is one of the best players in the world. Real fans reacted by suggesting he is not attractive enough to compete with Latino heartthrobs, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, and Iker Casillas.

One Spanish fan who lives in the UK said, “I can’t see how Rooney would fit in on the Madrid poster. Maybe Madrid should change their shirt colour to green if Shrek’s going to be playing for them.”

Another fan said, “In Spain he’ll probably be known as ‘El Shrek’.”
On Twitter, Erin Charlotte stated, “Wayne Rooney should not go to Real Madrid. Those boys are way too good looking he just won’t fit in! Sorry!” This is really devastating.

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