13 Most Influential British Celebrities



5. Kate Moss

What McCartney is for music and Cowell for TV shows, Kate is for modelling. Despite a number of controversies with drug use, relationships and lifestyle choices, she’s the most influential star in the fashion industry for one simple reason – people love her.

6. Jamie Oliver

Here’s Jamie! The most famous cook in the world is expected to be among the most influential celebrities in the UK. He made a worldwide show just about cooking, and won several battles with British schools for healthier school food. Way to go Jamie.

7. Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy might be grumpy, arrogant and self-righteous, but his influence can’t be questioned. His TV show Top Gear is one of BBC’s crown jewels, and we simply doubt the executives would ever risk losing him. What’s more, his newspaper columns are also tremendously popular.

8. Keira Knightley

Well, she’s not influential; we just love her. Just kidding. Keira’s one of the most popular actresses today and widely known for her passion, sentiment and sensitivity that she puts into her work. Additionally, her earning potential is expectedly impressive.

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