13 Most Influential British Celebrities



It’s not a new fact that celebrities have a huge influence on the public, but some are just more influential than others. Their influence is usually measured by their popularity, ability to promote an idea, trend or a person, and achieve respect by others. These are probably Britain’s most influential celebrities.

1. Simon Cowell

Can you name one other star who created, stars in, and promotes the biggest TV show in the US and the UK? You probably can’t, and that’s the reason why Simon’s the most influential British celebrity. He might be arrogant but when it comes to talent, there’s no match.

2. Cheryl Cole

After joining X-Factor as a judge, Cheryl became the nation’s sweetheart and practically the most perfect TV star in Britain. She has several number one pop songs and co-hosts the number one TV show, which makes her the most influential woman in Britain. She was the best February figure on the covers of Vogue, as well as the notable face of L’Oreal.

3. Ant and Dec

These two simply can’t go separately. They have a natural chemistry that’s probably the key to their extreme success. Their performance in Britain’s Got Talent might go into the handbooks on live TV hosting, since they never make mistakes or become boring. Way to go guys.

4. Sir Paul McCartney

It’s not hard to be influential when you’re the biggest musician in the history of the UK. Not even Ozzy Osbourne can come close to the biggest star in his industry, who is commonly called the Emperor Of Popular Music. Well McCartney, you’ve deserved your place.

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