13 Greatest British Sitcom Actors



Great Britain is widely known for some of the best sitcoms in the history of TV, and British humour has earned its reputation for over more than half a century. Of course, none of it would be possible without its many legendary sitcom actors.

1. Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson gained his fame in the cult sitcom Blackadder, playing the main role for four seasons. He’s also recognisable for his roles as Mr Bean and as Britain’s secret agent, Johnny English.

2. David Jason

Legendary Derek Trotter captured the hearts of millions by playing the small businessman who’s trying to make a living in Only Fools and Horses. David’s performance is considered to be the best in the history of British sitcoms.

3. Dawn French

The famous vicar of Dibley is surely one of the greatest actresses in British sitcoms. Dawn’s other notable performances include the comedy sketch show French and Saunders, and Absolutely Fabulous.

4. John Cleese

Is there really a need to talk up this guy? Legendary Basil Fawlty from the Fawlty Towers and a core member of the Monty Python crew is probably the greatest British sitcom actor of all time.

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