13 Favourite Movie Characters Played By Brits



You have all at least once in your life fallen in love with a movie or a book character because they’re just so brave, intelligent, dedicated and simply brilliant. Well, who wouldn’t like to be part of their world for just one day?

And while you’re imagining yourself in some of your favourite fictional worlds, we bring you 13 of our most favourite movie characters.

1. Batman – Christian Bale

Batman is surely one of the greatest superheroes of all time. What’s more, Christian Bale is also one of the greatest actors today, so those two make a perfect combination.

Bale’s role of the masked guardian is probably one of his greatest performances of the decade. Well, most fun one to watch at least.

2. Gandalf – Ian McKellen

The white wizard from the Lord of The Rings trilogy is one of the most beloved heroes in the world of fiction. And why shouldn’t he be?

He’s skilled, noble, wise and humble. Add those characteristics to Ian, and you have your favourite movie character.

3. James Bond – Daniel Craig

When it comes to the world’s most famous secret agent, Craig’s been doing a great job in the last three sequels.

His performance can be compared to Sean Connery’s from the beginning of the serial, and we believe we’ll be watching more of Daniel’s 007 in the future.

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