13 Celebrities And Their Most Famous Twitter Quotes



Many celebrities nowadays use Twitter and it’s not a surprise that it’s one of the most used social networks out there. However, some use it only when they have actually something important or creative to say. Here are 13 celebrities who actually tweeted something creative, useful or funny.

1. Stephen Fry

“Bleugh. Whoever invented the breakfast meeting should be roundly spanked.” We most definitely agree with you, Fry. Is there anything worse than getting up early in the morning and pretending you’re listening to someone?

2. Ricky Gervais

“I see Atheists are fighting and killing each other again, over who doesn’t believe in any God the most. Oh, no..wait.. that never happens.” What did you expected from one of the greatest comedians alive? What’s more, this is just a piece in a series of Ricky’s sarcastic and ironical tweets.

3. Russell Brand

You can always expect a witty or sarcastic quote from this guy, and you won’t be disappointed. One of his most famous tweets was, “The price of privilege is poverty.” Just think about it for a moment.

4. Simon Cowell

“Not everybody is perfect, and I don’t think we should be looking for perfect people.” It’s quite ironic when Simon says something like this. If that’s true, then Simon you’re pretty contradictory. Well, not everybody’s perfect, right?

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