13 British Celebrities Who Love To Read



When you think of a celebrity, you probably think fashion, luxury and parties. You aren’t completely wrong, but there are some who like to engage in more intellectual activities. We bring you the list of 13 celebrities who also love to read.

1. Daniel Radcliffe

Since Daniel isn’t one of those highly-alcoholic, scandal-loving stars, it’s not a surprise that he’s a book lover. Daniel’s favourite book is The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov for which he said, “It’s just the most incredible book that I’ve ever read; I read it once and then I read it almost immediately again.”

2. Kate Moss

Well, Kate might be quite a surprise to be found on this list but she’s also a bookworm. Her favourite book is The Beautiful and the Damned by F Scott Fitzgerald. It’s quite ironic that the book is about a glamorous couple who rocked the social scene before fading into anonymity.

3. Daniel Craig

We were expecting Daniel’s favourite book to be Fleming’s saga, but it’s not. The book he read most times is His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman for which he said, “They are fantastic children’s books. They’re about love and growing up and about how, as adults, we should see the world.”

4. Kate Beckinsale

You probably didn’t know that this sexy vampire from the Underworld saga was a real bookworm. But not only is she a fan of reading, she also won the W.H. Smith Young Writer’s competition twice in her teen, and studied Russian and French literature at Oxford.

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