20 Most Outrageous British Stars!



There are a lot of famous people knocking around on the little Isle that is Britain, but who are the truly outrageous? People who want to get married in dungeons perhaps, yeah, most definitely.

With crazy antics and style files that would make Lady Gaga weep, here is our rundown of the twenty most outrageous British stars.

1. Simon Cowell

Okay, so Simon Cowell is outrageous in a good way, but that’s what gives him our number one spot. His nasty (and sometimes rather witty) remarks never fail to shock us. Even when he’s being nice.

There is nothing really that controversial about Cowell, but he definitely is someone that the people and the papers love to hate. We assume that he is so scrutinized because of the fact that he makes a living out of scrutinizing other people.

Since he is always making fun of others and criticizing others on all of his hit television shows, we guess that the public likes to take a very serious look into his life. They make fun of him a lot, especially the way he dresses and his haircut that never seems to change. But none of this ever seems to faze him.

There was one instance in which he made the papers for supposed acts of adultery. Andrew Silverman was a man who filed for divorce claiming that his wife had cheated on him with Cowell. And it actually turned out to be true. Of course, it was hard to hide it, considering that Silverman’s ex-wife was pregnant with Simon’s baby.

This was his first child. However, the divorce was settled out of court and Cowell never had to testify about the indiscretions. His son ended up being born in February 2014, so it all ended well in the end for him. He is currently said to be the sixth richest person in the British music industry, so of course, he is constantly in the eyes of the paparazzi. But we believe that his persona is a lot more outrageous than the real person behind it actually is.

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